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If you’re an industrial farmer with 30000+ heads of cattle, the inevitable bio-byproduct of livestock eventually starts to build up. With this untapped mountain (literally) of resources at their fingertips (but usually not ON their fingertips; cleanliness, godliness, and all that jazz), farms are turning to self-sustaining bio-digesters to turn their poop into profit, harvesting the gas released in bacterial digestion to power generators and turning their manure into high-quality fertilizer in the process.


See those? Those are organic machines whose by-products are worth their weight in... well... not gold, but something of comparable value to high-quality manure.


Maintaining a healthy environment for the innumerable hordes of insatiably ravenous bacteria that act as the primary workforce in a digester is a key part of maximizing productivity. To do this, regular cleaning and excavation of build-up in the digester itself (these things can be absolutely massive, big enough to drop a bobcat in with a crane and work in tandem with an excavator on the topside) needs to be made a priority. Preventative maintenance tends to be the best course of action, but Rolan Plant Services is always available for emergency cleaning and excavation should the need arise.


Bobcat and a crane 

Bobcat goes in the hole. Bobcat scoops in the hole.

Bobcat gets craned out of the hole. Bobcat does not smell particularly fantastic.

Alongside the larger-scale excavation work done by the diggers and dozers, the walls, flooring, ceiling, and myriad other surfaces in the digesters need to be cleaned regularly as well to prevent buildup and corrosion, as a leak in the structure can be devastating to its productivity and potentially dangerous to the environment around it. To achieve this level of cleanliness, a team of RPS technicians armed with high-pressure hydroblasting equipment can go in and carefully blast every service to ensure total readiness for the next round of digesting. (see our article on HYDROBLASTING for more information)


To ensure safety through the entire process, we make sure our staff is backed-up with our EMT-certified Confined Space Rescue personnel at all times.


When you step back and look at it, and I mean REALLY look at it, you can see that it’s a dirty, dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. Make that somebody Rolan Plant Services.


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