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Snow Removal
Posted on : 07/28/2014
  Snow plows are marvelous machines. I imagine it was a happy day when someone suddenly stood up from shoveling waterlogged snow and thought, "y'know, why don't we attach a blade the size of a dinner table to the front of a big truck and just push the living daylights out of this stuff?" ... Read More

Emergency Spill Cleanup
Posted on : 06/24/2014
  As large-scale portable storage goes, there’s not much larger or more portable than a shipping container or semi-trailer. The average tanker-style semi can hold upwards of 7000 gallons of liquid. However, in the event of a crash, this safely-packaged cargo can quickly transform into ... Read More

Parking Lot Cleaning
Posted on : 06/02/2014
  Your parking lot is like a giant asphalt-ey welcome rug for your building or business (if you have a real welcome rug as well, let’s think of it more like a red carpet). When a client, friend, family member, or coworker arrives at its paved borders, making sure it’s not covered... Read More

Hydroexcavation - Who needs a shovel?
Posted on : 05/14/2014
  Our scene opens on an 18-wheeler, piloted ever-so-carefully by a burly man who goes by the moniker "Scooter". Our hero is barrelling along with a trailer full of antique butter-churns when the truck suddenly spins out of control on an unforeseen patch of black ice. Scooter, the cargo, and ... Read More

Industrial Fruit Ninja - Practice Day
Posted on : 05/08/2014
Check this action out!     This was just the practice/experimentation day. The full shoot's in the works. Brace yourselves.... Read More

RTO Cleaning
Posted on : 04/21/2014
    From combustion exhaust to hazardous chemical fumes, factories can introduce a lot of dangerous material to the air within and around their walls. In all fairness, the word “factory” evokes mental imagery of a huge building with at least one or two giant smokestacks pie... Read More

Chemical Cleaning
Posted on : 04/10/2014
When most people hear the word “industrial”, the images that come to mind have bright yellow caution signs, robots, and powerful equipment transforming raw materials into amazingproducts through use of mechanical force thousands of times more powerful or precise than a human could ... Read More

Digester Cleaning
Posted on : 03/24/2014
  If you’re an industrial farmer with 30000+ heads of cattle, the inevitable bio-byproduct of livestock eventually starts to build up. With this untapped mountain (literally) of resources at their fingertips (but usually not ON their fingertips; cleanliness, godliness, and all that jaz... Read More

Posted on : 02/05/2014
    Imagine, if you will, that you are in a hypothetical hallway carrying two buckets of liquid fast-drying concrete. Due to the weight of these buckets, your knees buckle and you are immediately pulled down to the ground, spilling the buckets’ gritty contents onto the hallway&rs... Read More

Why a vacuum truck?
Posted on : 01/20/2014
  Sometimes the regular way of doing things just won’t cut it; the metaphorical mustard gets a little too tough and crusty and requires a higher grade appliance. In the vacuuming world, this is where Rolan Plant Services comes into play. Let's start with the basics. ... Read More