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Chemical Cleaning


It's the title!

Chemical test tubes

When most people hear the word “industrial”, the images that come to mind have bright yellow caution signs, robots, and powerful equipment transforming raw materials into amazingproducts through use of mechanical force thousands of times more powerful or precise than a human could ever manage.


However, few people ever realize (let alone appreciate) just how finicky some industrial processes are. In even the most sophisticated production array, if one pipe starts to corrode or an  unaccounted-for millimeter or two of scale builds-up, production can quickly grind to a halt lacking the proper maintenance. The best way to prevent these mechanocoronary occlusions (literally a heart attack in the machinery, just way more fun to say) is through chemical cleaning.

Whereas getting a brush or other traditional cleaning implement through miles of pipes tend to be difficult or impossible in any length of time, using a variety of cleansing agents customized to each job (caustic cleansers vs. acids, highly diluted vs. extremely concentrated) ensures delicate piping is completely protected while eliminating all residue or removing corrosion. This becomes especially important when dealing with pipes with special linings, where while the chosen chemical agent may be perfectly safe on the outer layer, it could eat the inside layer out of the same pipe faster than you can say “irreparable damage via gross negligence”.

Alongside piping, flooring tends to take a great deal of abuse in industrial settings and quite often requires more cleaning than a good mopping can provide. That’s where Rolan Plant Services can truly shine, and make your floor shine as well. With our custom Rol-Chem compound, we can safely and efficiently cleanse any industrial flooring, leaving it as clean as the day it was installed.


Mop mop mop moppity mop

Sometimes, a mop just won't cut the metaphorical grease...

...or hazardous buildup.

If your floors need cleaned, pipes need cleared, or industrial process equipment just needs some TLC and a solid washing, call Rolan Plant Services to help get you back to 100% efficiency. 


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