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Emergency Spill Cleanup


Emergency Spill Response Rolan Plant Services


As large-scale portable storage goes, there’s not much larger or more portable than a shipping container or semi-trailer. The average tanker-style semi can hold upwards of 7000 gallons of liquid. However, in the event of a crash, this safely-packaged cargo can quickly transform into an environmental disaster in the blink of an eye.


tanker truck spill response indiana

Tons (or liquid tonnes, depending) of potential destruction.


With a flash flood of anything from concentrated embalming fluid to instant mashed potatoes quickly soaking into the ground or covering the roadway alongside spilt diesel fuel from the truck itself, the window of opportunity for environmental salvage is incredibly short, making emergency spill response the million-dollar solution.


oil spill cleanup indiana

The spilt fuel is kinda pretty, in a horrifying dead-things-everywhere kind of way.


Depending on what's been spilled, a variety of traditional cleanup methods are available. Excavators can tear up an entire area, roadway, turf, and all with their mighty treads and +10 bucket-of-scooping, cabling and piping be-damned, or a crew of sweaty people with shovels and jackhammers can dig, dig, dig, and drill, baby, drill until the affected area is torn up and removed.


Excavator tearing things up

Imagine those roots were your cable line, sewage connection, and... uh, the roots to the big tree that's leaning precariously close to your house.

There is, however, a more elegant weapon (for a more civilized age) available for a spill cleanup, and one that will leave delicate subterranean pipes, cables, and mole-people villages untouched. Using a one-two punch of their hydroblasting equipment and industrial vacuum trucks, Rolan Plant Services can carefully carve away asphalt, dirt, and whatever the spilled material may be, whisking it away into the safety of their vacuum trucks' tanks rather than having to scoop and spill material everywhere. It's fast, efficient, and honestly a superior method of excavation compared to anything with just a shovel.

Hydroexcavation and Vacuum Spill Cleanup

Carving a spill like a huge, polluted, Thanksgiving turkey.

As a first-line-of-defense responder for the Department of Transportation and a go-to for companies across the country looking for the best in the business, Rolan Plant Services is ready to serve any excavation need with their state-of-the-art equipment and expert crews. Call them today!



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