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Hydroblasting Title



Imagine, if you will, that you are in a hypothetical hallway carrying two buckets of liquid fast-drying concrete. Due to the weight of these buckets, your knees buckle and you are immediately pulled down to the ground, spilling the buckets’ gritty contents onto the hallway’s immaculately polished steel floor. (Obviously a gross oversight of OSHA regulations, but that’s a post for another time.)

Concrete Comic



Even as you watch, sprawled on the floor, the concrete begins to harden, creating a dull grey slab of immovable frustration. You try to scoop the concrete back into the buckets to no avail. What can you do?  What could possibly take solid concrete off of steel?

One word, and it's a doozy.




Hydroblasting a grate Hydro Rifle



Harnessing the power of Neptune himself, Rolan Plant Services offers on-site pressure-washing with options ranging anywhere from a simple hosing-down up to their industrial water cannons. This wide variety of high-pressure sprayers can tackle any material removal or cleaning project you can throw at them. Rolan’s most powerful pressure washer attacks its targets at 40,000 PSI. Now, to truly appreciate this amount of pressure, scientists recently calculated that the T-Rex could produce around 13000 PSI of pressure with its massive jaws: enough power to crush a car or cut through bone.


At 40,000 PSI, Rolan Plant Services’ hydroblasting water rifles triple that already staggering pressure, providing enough aquatic firepower to blast paint and concrete off of steel as easily as you would Windex grime off your windshield. (Read: approximately 3.077 T-Rexes worth of pressure is a LOT of power, albeit concentrated into a veeeery fine stream.)




At this incredible level of pressure, not only can you clean concrete, you can etch it: blasting whatever coating was on it, from paint to industrial sealant, to oblivion and beyond, leaving your concrete sparkling clean and ready for a new coat of finish.


That said, if you have something that needs pressure-washed, a spill removed, paint stripped, or an application that you think could use 50 tons of highly-focused water pressure, Rolan Plant Services is your go-to choice for expert on-site hydroblasting.*



*(Until somebody comes up with a Jurassic Park themed cleaning business with T-Rex clones chomping things clean. Don’t cross your fingers.)



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