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Parking Lot Cleaning


Parking lot cleaning


Your parking lot is like a giant asphalt-ey welcome rug for your building or business (if you have a real welcome rug as well, let’s think of it more like a red carpet). When a client, friend, family member, or coworker arrives at its paved borders, making sure it’s not covered in detritus is a challenging feat.

Insight with detritus


Pictured - biological detritus.


Taking a step back and looking at it from a size perspective, there are few prepared surfaces in the world larger than parking lots. A major-league sports stadium can be quite massive, especially in football or Nascar, but the parking lot tends to dwarf it by several times over. Having an entire area dedicated to housing thousands of tons worth of metal, plastic, and sticky cupholders is both rather bizarre and incredible, especially given the amount of grading, prepping, and paving that goes into the creation of a parking lot.

big parking lot


Just imagine sweeping that with a single push-broom. I can feel the blisters just looking at it. *shudders*


With all this special preparation and sizeable investment, it’s easy to understand how keeping it clean and well-maintained should be a priority, as “ripping it up and starting over again” isn’t really a viable business strategy.

empty parking lot


“Aw crap, one of the lines is off. BREAK OUT THE JACKHAMMERS, BOYS! WE'RE BACK TO SQUARE ONE!


Fortunately, Rolan Plant Services is here to help. Our sweeper trucks and experienced crews are ready to take care of your lot: sweeping, cleaning, and generally making it look welcoming and ready for your customers. Whether big or small, make sure your first impression is a well-groomed parking lot, and not something that looks like it came out of a Flintstones episode.


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