RTO Cleaning

In a world of increasing environmental standards and rising energy costs, keeping your Air Pollution Control Systems running at peak efficiency can be a daunting task. Many common problems contribute to high-pressure drops or other efficiency reductions in a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), including:

  • Particulate Buildup
  • Fouling or Plugging of Media Bed
  • Internal or External Corrosion
  • Improperly Sealing Valves

Rolan's team of industry experts is equipped to service and restore your RTO to maximum efficiency with the least amount of downtime. With a combination of manpower, precision tooling, and experience, we can:

  • Conduct a site inspection, examining valves and other flow control devices for proper sealing and maximum efficiency
  • Perform a thorough RTO cleaning, removing and washing fouled media if possible
  • Replace all types of media, random and structured, with the most appropriate, high-quality media to remove the highest possible VOC abatement and HAP removal from your specific process
  • Remove interior and exterior corrosion and recoat as necessary