About Us

Who We Are

Rolan Plant Services, Inc is a privately-owned company founded in 1999 by Jack and Linda Rolan.  Jack brings with him over 30 years of experience in industrial maintenance, and is fortunate to employ many workers who also have strong backgrounds in the industry.  To date, Rolan Plant Services employees have over 130 years of combined expertise in this highly specialized field, and are able to apply their knowledge across the board from the simplest fix to the most detail-specific and labor-intensive projects.

Rolan is proud to serve an elite client base with a number of Fortune 500 members as our clients. We have received accolades from industry publications for our work with advanced hydro-tooling, as well as local commendation for our dedicated efforts in roadway spill clean-up. Jack and Linda Rolan take great pride in every job we complete and strive to move their company forward in this ever-changing industry marketplace.

Mission & Vision

Rolan Plant Services, Inc.’s vision is to find new and innovative ways, as well as tried and true methods to solve the manufacturing industry’s cleaning problems while continuing to serve their customers with the utmost care and diligence. Their mission is to meet and exceed all of their customers’ needs with a satisfaction rate of 98% or higher. Rolan is committed to exceeding their safety specialties and initiatives to stay on top of market trends as they emerge. They are also dedicated to anticipating their customer’s needs as they change with budgetary, technological and industry developments. To continue and function in the industrial cleaning industry, it is important to know your customers and what changes are affecting them.