Snow Removal

Snow plows are marvelous machines. I imagine it was a happy day when someone suddenly stood up from shoveling waterlogged snow and thought, "y'know, why don't we attach a blade the size of a dinner table to the front of a big truck and just push the living daylights out of this stuff?" 

No matter the time of year, the snow will be coming back soon (unless you're reading this in the Winter, and nature has already turned on its metaphorical sno-cone maker) and making sure you're ready for the lesser elements to turn from earth, water, and air, into ice, sleet, and frostbite can be a daunting task. In Rolan's stomping grounds around Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana, we know all too well how fast the cold can move in and not leave again for months. That's why we keep our snow removal blades and plow trucks ready to go at the first sign of a flurry. 

When planning out your snowplow and snow removal services, a major point of contention is who gets their snow cleared first. Plow trucks and snow removal teams can only be in one place at a time (quantum mechanics, man) and getting on the right list can be the difference between having your lot clear as soon as the snow stops falling, and not seeing pavement for days at a time. 

At Rolan, we have a variety of plows and industrial snow removal options available for businesses, home owners associations, and whoever else might need a giant truck with a massive scoop on the front. Make sure you plan ahead and call Rolan today to schedule this winter's snow removal before it's too late!